Contract No. N-15228 – Upgrading, Modification and Replacement of Defective SCMS Equipment – (TOSHIBA MAKE)


Abu Dhabi Transmission & Despatch Company (TRANCO)


  •         Station : MOSG 220/33/11kV Grid station
  •        Supply, Installation, Integration, Testing & Commissioning of Redundant Gateways for LDC/ECC (220kV part), Redundant Gateways for DMS (33/11kV Part), SCMS Station Controllers, FO cables, LAN switches , Routers, SCMS workstations, all AVR, Common Alarm and 220/33/11kV BCUs, temperature sensors, Common alarm panels, GPS System Including Antennae, new 5kVAUPS, MODEMS etc.
  •         Establishment of new link to remote control center LDC (Transco), DMS (ADDC) and testing.
  •        Schneider Electric EcoFIT System based solution
  •          Total of 90 new BCU’s (C264) Installed & tested.
  •          Design engineering for adaptation work in LCP panels.

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