Contract No. D-106669 – Replacement and Upgrading of Standby Power System at Al Jazeera Hospital (W13 SW/S1) in CRN

Client: Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC)


  •         Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of  3000 KVA(Standby Rating)/11 KV/0.8 PF at Alternator Terminal /50 Hz/1500 rpm-Standby Duty Containerized Diesel Generator unit and integration & interfacing with existing 11 KV Switching station
  •          Supply, installation, connection and Testing of 1 no. of Station Auxiliary Transformer 500 KVA(11KV/415V) and accessories inside existing DGU compound and LV supply to be connected to DGU auxiliary panel in DGU container.
  •         Supply, installation, interfacing, testing and commissioning of Remote control Panel (RGCP),One Automatic main Failure with Synchronizing panel incorporate with inbuilt Remote Generator Monitoring Modem

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